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Watch, Wait, Listen…In a Moment, Everything Will Change. 

In a moment, on January 1, 2021 as the calendar year turned over I found myself slamming on the brakes as I drove past 30+ vultures waiting patiently on a nearby golf course.  I couldn’t see what they were waiting for but with 30+ vultures I can only imagine.

Even as I got out of my car and inched closer to snap some photos they didn’t move a muscle.

It might seem odd that I would stop to take pictures of a bunch of ugly vultures but in the past three years whenever I’ve had a small or large life transition vultures seem to pop on the scene or rather somewhere outside my car window. And whenever there are repeats in my life I know God is getting my attention.

At first of course, I thought, “Yikes, vultures, this can’t be good.” But when I looked up their role I quickly saw their importance, as they serve a crucial purpose in the circle of life and also in the balance of our ecosystem.

It’s said that without them we would have an enormous amount of disease and bacteria throughout the world, affecting both humans and animals. Often known as nature’s cleanup crew, they do the dirty work in cleaning up after death, helping to keep our ecosystems healthy.

So, there they sat WATCHING, WAITING, and LISTENING.  It sounds morbid, but its importance and significance felt incredibly relevant.

As the calendar year turned our season collectively has clearly shifted as well, and now we too must WATCH, WAIT, and LISTEN.  There’s a death upon the land. Things, events, circumstances, situations that have had to end…in order to have new life.

Lazarus was dead for days before Jesus came and brought new life. His body was cold, lifeless, foul-smelling and void of any hope. BUT… Jesus watched, waited, and even wept. And finally at just the right time, He said, “Enough, it’s time, let’s go.” And IN A MOMENT there was BREATH.

IN A MOMENT…the scene shifted.

IN A MOMENT, what was dead had life and what was void of hope had light again.

IN A MOMENT, everything changed.

The vultures watched, waited, and listened.  They had patience, understanding, and discernment for the hour.  They knew their role and their significance.

This season is no different.  Our patience is crucial. Our ability to WATCH, WAIT, and LISTEN just as significant.

Many things, events, and circumstances look like they are losing their life, losing their focus, and losing all hope.

Maybe…just maybe…God is allowing some things to die….for some necessary events to take place….in order for Life.  New Life.

So, we watch, we wait, we are patient, and we listen.

Jesus too had a time when it looked like the enemy won.

But alas…IN A MOMENT, everything changed. Hope came, light arrived, and new breath filled the earth.

All I know is that I’ve never seen 30+ vultures so patient, so still, and so focused.  Let alone I’ve never seen 30+ vultures before!

Regardless there seemed to be a sense of complete TRUST in the process, complete TRUST in the plan and the design of it all.

Like they knew something I didn’t. They could see something I couldn’t (clearly). And no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t see beyond the horizon but their confidence, their patience, and their focus, gave me confirmation that they had purpose in the waiting.

This season is no different.  He knows something we don’t.

He’s patient, watching, waiting, and ready to BRING LIFE when it’s time.

We must TRUST His process, TRUST His design, and TRUST His purpose.

Because IN A MOMENT it will look different. IN A MOMENT, everything will change.

We have not been this way before, and we can not see beyond the horizon.

We must only WATCH, WAIT, and LISTEN.

For at just the right time, death will turn to life.

Patience is what we need.

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