The Real Battle You Are In

Most of us are in the wrong daily battle. Wrestling in the wrong fight, the wrong war, and at times using the wrong weapons.

The battle is for our heart.  The place where everything flows, and I mean everything flows.

It’s here where what’s beneath rises to the surface and eventually finds a place to breathe.

Whether we realize it or not we all live from our heart.

You can’t mask it, you can’t hide and as hard as you may try to keep it all in eventually what resides within will come to the surface.

The process is yours and the battle is yours, if you choose to embrace it.

To run after joy, to sit with pain, to rest in contentment, to wrestle with hurt, to pursue peace, and to fight for love.  Embracing each emotion is a part of the process.

Each day it may feel like the battle is “out there”. Raging, waring, and coming at you from all sides and in a way it just might be.

Yet true victory resides within.  The place where no one sees (although they eventually do).

Over time nothing is hidden, nothing is left unchecked, and eventually the inward ingredients will produce life or death.

Whether it’s love, hate, judgement, acceptance, truth, lies, and everything in between…the fruit will be revealed.

Let us not be distracted by the external noise but let us focus intently on the honest meditations of our heart.

No one can fight this battle for you.  No one can unpack your emotions, cut through the chaos, or block out the distractions. No, that’s your war, your battle and your fight.

And your victory.

You don’t have to go it alone, for He’s with you all the way, waiting, ready to enter in with you, to place where He already is.  He just hopes you’ll join Him in the process.

For the battle is for your heart.

Your life source where everything flows.


Proverbs 4:23 The Passion Translation (TPT)

23 So above all, guard the affections of your heart,
for they affect all that you are.
Pay attention to the welfare of your innermost being,
for from there flows the wellspring of life.


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