Human Trafficking & It’s Reality in America

Many of us are clueless to how close to home human trafficking actually is.  Read below to see how my eyes were opened and how this real this reality is in our own background. 


After last Saturday night, never again could I say I did not know. 

Awe-struck and overwhelmed I sat hearing story after story and statistic after statistic on the everyday reality of human trafficking all across the world.  I was enlightened and left with a burden to pray, pray, and pray for those who have found themselves in this awful situation.

Stacy, Anka, and Vicki are just a few of the names that still run through my mind, as well as the many mind boggling statistics that were shared that night.  One statistic stated that over 800,000 people are trafficked internationally each year, which is just one reason that human trafficking is now classified as worse than the slave trade years ago.

The biggest eye opener was hearing how common trafficking is right here in America.  I don’t write this to scare you but rather to bring AWARENESS! The organization (Pearl Ministry) I have now connected with believes that awareness and prayer are two of the biggest solutions.

After hearing these horrific stories I was shocked to find out this statistic below.

Over 90% of those who find a way out, willingly go back to being trafficked.

What? Why?

It’s simple.

They have become brainwashed and accustomed to being a victim.  They have NO self-esteem and think they are worthless and deserve to be treated in this way.  Their minds are completely subjected to those who are controlling them.  They have acquired a new “normal” and anything outside of this, is scary in it’s own right.

BUT there is hope!  Those who experience a significant encounter with Jesus, rarely return!  We also heard testimonies of individuals who trafficked, who had radical encounters with Jesus and are now working to be part of the solution!

At the end of the night, as we were praying for human trafficking in Myrtle Beach, I could see first hand what a spiritual issue this was and how vital the power of prayer is!

Like William, I now know too much.  I have heard too many sad, movie-like stories and I want to be part of the solution.  I believe our children will look back on this epidemic and wonder if their parents were part of the solution or choose to look the other way.

Today, I am not choosing to look the other way.  I am choosing to pray, and if and when God wants me to use me in some capacity, I will be ready.

The statistics are staggering, the darkness around this problem is growing and it must be met with overwhelming LIGHT! If you know Jesus remember, YOU ARE THE LIGHT!

Also, check out my Special Promotions page (click here) and scroll down to read how you can be apart of the solution and help those working close to STOP human trafficking in the USA!  


~Mikaela Kate

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