When Greatness Calls You Forward As A Leader…RISE UP!

Have you ever heard of Dr. Charles “Jim” Carrico?

My guess is probably not.

It was Nov. 22nd, 1963.

President Kennedy had just been shot and was being rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, TX.

The sun was peering through the clouds and it stood a different time in our history when patriotism seemed to have another meaning.

With shots fired, panic set in and shock filled the nation.

Earlier that morning the nurses and doctors at Parkland engaged in their routine rounds as many were discouraged, as they weren’t able to exchange shifts in order to attend the Presidential parade themselves.

Little did they know Potus himself was on the way, but not in the form they were hoping to see him.

Of course, we know how the story ends, but awaiting him that day was the young Dr. Charles “Jim” Carrico.

I am sure Dr. Carrico didn’t feel ready for that moment.  I am sure he felt less than adequate for the challenge in front of him yet perform he must.

So often as leaders, we can wonder when it will be our time to shine and our time to step up to the plate and in reality, many times the moment finds us.

It’s the training, the preparation, and the planning where we are already stepping into the purpose made just for us. This is the reality of greatness – it doesn’t happen in the moment you are made public but instead in the private moments before in which you are diligently preparing yourself for something bigger.

In the face of the ordinary, we decide if we will be extraordinary.  We must take what feels like the mundane moments of the day and live in a way which calls us higher.

This is what sets you up for success.  This is what prepares you for your biggest obstacle. This is what makes you ready for something bigger.

Again, and again it will always be the step you make when no one is looking that prepares you for what you were destined to do.

As leaders the ordinary should always be our extraordinary, knowing that this is actually what calls us to greatness.   

~ Mikaela Kate

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