Leaders: How Immediate is Your Feedback?

Most team leaders want to know, “How can I better develop my team?”

Here’s a quick answer. 

Give Immediate Feedback! 

Research show that one of the most important aspects of high level of performance is the degree that someone gets immediate feedback. 

It’s why Olympians so quickly develop mastery because they have constant and continual feedback which ensures that no bad habits form.  As a rule, the more immediate the feedback, the better performance.

Here are a few benefits to consider: 

  * Creates a culture of ownership and responsibility of one’s work 

  * Challenges the individual to perform at a higher level 

  * Ignites the individual to pursue excellence & the highest quality work 

  * Motivates them because they feel valued and appreciated

   * Prevents them from getting stuck and discouraged 


You must ensure you are giving this feedback in a way that can be received by the individual and the good news is you’ll know by their response or lack of response how well you do. 😉 

The ratio should be around 5 : 1 for every one comment of constructive criticism, you should have an average of 5 positive affirmations! 🙂

AND…YOU Need Feedback Too! 🙂
Welcome it from your team…It’s a GIFT! * Check out this 2 minute video to inspire you. 

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