Is Your Team Healthy or Smart?!

As you and your team begin to figure out what the rest of 2020 will look like your focus may quickly move to the “smart” side of the equation.

Wondering how can you strategize for new clients, create a better social media following, and beef up your marketing plan.  Of course none of those are bad ideas.

BUT…if your team isn’t running on all cylinders together, all those great ideas won’t get very far.

When you MASTER the health of your team, your team’s “smarts” naturally kick into high gear.

In this email there are no 3 ways to this or that or 5 tips to adjust or pivot.

Nope just two questions.

  1. Does your team waste more time, energy and resources on being smart or healthy? 
  2. How much is that focus costing you?

We know cost is more than money.  It’s your time, your energy, your effort, your attention, your sleep (or sleepless nights), it’s physically, emotionally and mentally all you put into a day. That adds up.

Now before you start pointing fingers, know that health starts with YOU.

You might not be the toxic individual, but you might be an enabler of one.  That’s not a fun pill to swallow – trust me!

It’s not easy choosing to focus on being a healthy team.  Easy is fun marketing ideas, new projects areas, and neatly designed power points.

Focusing on the fun while avoiding the hard conversation, or deciding to send that email with tone instead of picking up the phone will cost you more in the long run.

Health really is the little things.

Your kindness, your tone, your attitude, choosing to be considerate, remaining grateful, and choosing team again and again.

Nothing gets better by itself.  Let me say that again.

Nothing gets better by itself. 

Eventually something has to change in order for true health to occur.

So…healthy or smart? What is it going to be?

And yes there’s always hope for it to be both! 🙂


Your Emotional Intelligence Tip of the Month

 Stop Judging Your Emotions

Tell me has this ever happened to you…

You feel angry, and then you tell yourself that it’s not okay to feel angry, then end up feeling guilty on top of our anger.

You feel sad, and then you tell yourself that feeling sad for too long is a sign of weakness, then feel angry at yourself on top of feeling sad.

We don’t judge people for things they can’t control. And yet, we do it to ourselves all the time. Growing your Emotional Intelligence is about being able to process and manage your emotions.

So judging yourself for feeling sad, anxious, and mad will not be apart of that growth process.

It’s hard enough feeling bad without feeling bad about feeling bad. 😉

When a good friend listens to you with empathy, understanding, and NO judgement you usually feel better just by talking to them.

Often that’s exactly what you need.  Be that friend to yourself! Listen to your emotions, hear what they are telling you, and let your own empathy be the solution.

In the end…Stop the Judgement. 🙂

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