Is There Hope that 2020 could be Your Best Year Yet?!

Is there hope that 2020 could be Your Best Year Yet?!

Well, maybe I am an optimist. 😉

Go figure in the midst of world-wide pandemic I am releasing a book titled, “Your Best Year Yet!”

If you’re ready to take a break from the chaos and noise (who’s not?!) and dial into some honest, heartfelt reflection to find some encouragement again, this book will help you do just that!

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I’ve always been a lover of great questions; both trying to ask them and of course answer them.

This book seeks to give you just that…quality questions for you to honestly evaluate your life.

From the minute we wake up, we are flooded with information. It’s hard to find a moment that is not filled with some type of noise. Between your phone buzzing, millions of entertainment options, podcasts, and endless streams of social media, there is a constant demand for your time, energy, and attention.

With little time for personal evaluation or creative thought, it is hard to manage and master our inner world.

The most dynamic and influential leaders are those who remove distractions, hone in on their purpose, and ruthlessly go after what’s important. 

You can’t do that without cultivating a reach inner life in order to increase your self-awareness.

This 52-Week Journal creates space for mindful reflection, thought-provoking questions and inspirational quotes to guide your personal growth and motivate you to the next level.

Maybe I am an unrealistic optimist, but I know 2020 still has hope to be your BEST YEAR YET! 🙂

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