How Well Have You & Your Team Managed These Last Months?

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

We’ll start with the bad news…it’s June and we still have 6 months left of 2020.

The good news…it’s June and there’s only 6 months left of 2020!

Glass half empty or glass half full? You decide!

There are a lot of words (some not so nice) that we could use to describe these past couple months, but one that continues to be on the top of people’s tongue is the word crisis.

Even reading it makes us cringe, makes us nervous, puts worry through our veins, and keeps us up at night.

The word crisis itself is derived from the Greek word krisis and krino which basically means a separating. Now that we feel. We feel it in the news, the media, across our nation and even the world, but hopefully it’s not what you are feeling with your family or team.

The Chinese word for crisis is composed of 2 characters. The top character is a sign of danger and the bottom character is a sign of opportunity. Graphically these characters illustrate the saying, “Crisis is really another name for redirection.”

Again, let’s stick with glass half full. 😉 So let me ask you…

  • What can you let go? What can you leave behind? 
  • Where are there new opportunities you can dive into? 
  • What it is time to separate from? Social media fast anyone?! 😉
  • Where’s a new direction that can bring you life personally or professionally?

There are 3 basic sources of a crisis: developmental transitions, intrusive events, and internal uprisings.

My guess is in these last couple of months have you have found yourself navigating one of these areas and have possibly found it hard to find a road map out.

So, in an attempt to give you a gauge on how you are managing these times, here are 3 Ways to Navigate a Crisis. Which one resonates most deeply with you?


1. Live in Denial and Put on a Good Face.

Let’s just say you talk a good game. You say the right things, attempt to have the right attitude, and put on the right “game face” at work, but inwardly you are struggling. You can’t sleep at night, your anxiety is through the roof, and you’ve gained a solid 10 pounds. OK, now who hasn’t done that one 😉 but regardless your internal world is in a state of array.

Your Mantra: If you don’t feel it, it can’t be true.


2.  The Sky is Falling. The Sky is Falling.

Can we say Debbie Downer? Negative Nancy? Poopy Pat? Bad Day Bob? Should I go on? If it’s not one thing, it’s another thing, and even the smallest things now get under your skin. On the good days you look at life, people and events through the lens of doubt, fear, and worry, and on the bad days…well let’s not go there.  It’s hard to find joy and happiness seems to elude you. Honestly, you’re not sure where to go from here.

Your Mantra: Yesterday was hard, today is worse, and tomorrow isn’t looking good either.


3.  Glass Half Full and Accepts Reality.

Wow. Ok, so this is 2020. Not what you expected, not how you planned it, but here you are. Some days you are angry, sad, and confused, but that’s ok, you work through it. Some days you find joy, you accept your new normal, and continue to learn. You give yourself grace, and are empathic to those around you (and on social media) ;).  Life is different, incredibly challenging some days, but you are growing and doing the best you can.

Your Mantra: You accept reality, do your best to control what you can control, and process through your emotions.

Now I know there are more than these 3 ways to deal with a crisis and hopefully now you are thinking of your own current state, and that is the goal…to think through how you’ve managed these months.

Where personally did you see emotional health?  Where did you see your team thrive and grow? Where could you use some extra support?

With the election just months away, businesses beginning to open up, and political agendas every which way we know one thing is for certain…change is guaranteed.

Take what you do know and what you have observed with your team and focus forward with crazy intentionally. Whatever change is ahead be honest about your reality, find where your opportunities are, and go give your team a 6 feet apart hug!

In these times of “crisis” …find your redirection. 

Let’s make it a glass half full!

Cheers! 🙂

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