How to Stay Motivated When It Doesn’t Seem to Matter

Maybe the wear and tear of COVID has you down and discouraged? Maybe you work for a toxic boss? Maybe you put in 60 hours a week and nobody seems to notice? Maybe you bust your butt only to have your co-worker get promoted? Maybe you are just tired, burned out, and over it!?

Motivation in normal times can be a battle, but in the midst of this odd year of 2020 motivation takes on a whole new challenge.

Whatever your situation is we can all use some solid motivation from time to time.

So, here’s 5 tips to keep the fire burning!

  1. Stop Showing Up for Them!

If you’re coming to work and seeking to please and perform for your or boss or co-workers, you need to ignite your “I HAVE A PURPOSE” button. Yes, you want to work hard for others (we’ll get to that), but ultimately if you don’t have a drive, passion, and desire to do your best where you’re at today, then that promotion may never come. Preparation meets opportunity.  Show up where you are today…if for no one else but YOU!

  1. Show Up for Your Team!

I understand that not everyone on your team may be a joy to work with therefore it may be hard to show up for them, but I know there’s at least ONE PERSON.  Yes, even on the most toxic teams I’ve experienced there is still one person who shows signs of decency.

I know I am contradicting myself with tip #1 but this life is meant for meaningful relationships.  Your purpose should include others.  So, I understand if half your team is hard work at times but find those who care and reunite together to achieve something greater.

  1. Master the Day and Master Your Life.  

Today’s important. It is. Don’t take it from me, here’s a clip from Jordan Peterson on the significance of the day!


  1. Embrace Your Emotions & Stop Becoming Them.

Whether you care to believe it or not we are incredibly emotional beings.  Most of what we do and don’t do is based on our feelings.  Your attitude, your actions, and your behavior all first started with an emotion.

How you approached your emails today, started with an emotion.

How you began that meeting, started with an emotion.

How you treated your client, started with an emotion.

How you came home from work, started with an emotion.

Pay attention to what you are feeling and from where those feelings are coming.  They are signals to a deeper reality you are living. When anger starts to become who we are, we are pain to live and work with.  When anxiety starts to become who we are, we are constantly on edge.  When fear dominates our inner world, we become paranoid.

Embrace your emotions, get curious about them, and acknowledge their existence and by doing so, you will be able to see them, understand them, and ideally not let them become you in an unhealthy way.

  1. Rest, Retreat, and Recharge.

I can hear you now…” But Mikaela you don’t know my situation.” You’re right, I don’t know your situation and I don’t know what you’ve been through and are going through.

So, give yourself some grace. Take a day or week to rest, recharge, and find some true perspective. Honestly evaluate how long you’ve been in a rut and how long you’ve felt unmotivated and ask yourself how long your mental, physical and emotional health can sustain this?

You may have lost your job or lost your house or a loved one.  You may have to deal with an unruly and demanding boss.  You may have too much on your plate.

I don’t know your situation, but I know it won’t get better with condemnation and ridicule.  Give yourself empathy, get a fresh perspective, and find a new way.

2020 is almost over, and how you end one season is often how you’ll enter another.

Let that sink in.

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