How to Know if You are Operating in Faith or Fear?!


Weeks ago, I remember the charge in my spirit to tackle this quarantine season head on and master my to do list and put a major dent in those back-burner projects.

With some honest self-reflection I see many of those pursuits towards crazy productivity were really just an attempt at masking a deeper sense of fear towards the unknown.

When our days are filled to the brim, we don’t have time to deal with the anxiety in our spirit which screams, “What in the world is going on AND seriously why is there still no toilet paper?”

It begs the question…

Are we operating in faith or fear?

Do our actions communicate trust or crazed attempts at control? 

As you evaluate your actions, attitude and behavior these past few weeks ask yourself…

From your inner world are you living from a place of chaos or calm? 

If you could go back in time, knowing what you know now what would you change and how would you do things differently?

Even with the country re-opening, this season continues to be a marathon not a sprint and if you feel like you’ve failed in any sense, there’s always time to start anew – not only with yourself but your team as well.

Here are a few thoughts to ensure you and your team can move forward in FAITH and not fear in the weeks to come!


Signs You Might Be Living in Fear

* Even in basic decisions there’s confusion and indecision.

* Mistakes you don’t normally make seem to happen more often.

* You are fixated and obsessed with certain issues and individuals.

* Negative communication increases, such as gossip & office politics.

* You feel discouraged most of the time, like you can’t do anything right.

* Flip side, communication stops all together and your mind runs amuck.

* Anxiety meets you daily as you mindlessly fill your days with busy work.


Signs You Might Be Living in Faith

* You find power in controlling YOUR controllables.

* Communication with others is consistent and clear.

* You feel the freedom to say at times, “I don’t know.”

* There are times when you literally “release” the unknown.

* Your empathy for others increases regardless of their stance.

* You have intentionality that is focused on your key priorities.

* Your physical, mental, and emotional health remain a priority.


Take some time to dive into each of these and make sure you are moving forward with FAITH!

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