Have You Received Your Greatest Compliment?

Receiving a compliment brings joy, love, and life instantly to your heart. Read on to see the power of a compliment and how it effects who you are. 

When I left England, I received one of those grand-daddy compliments of them all.     

A wonderful person said to me… 

“Know the best thing you could have done for all of us was not what you left us but what you have left in us.”

Now, I don’t write this to brag on myself, because there are many of you out there that have seen me on my worst of days, so I know my humility will remain in tact, but instead I write this because it’s been a comment I have reflected on and been challenged by.

For over a year now, God has been highlighting to me the WHO factor.

Who am I when no one is watching? 

Who am I behind closed doors? 

Who am I going to be, rather than what am I going to do?

This WHO factor won’t escape me and I am thankful God will not let it.

Everywhere we go, we release WHO we are.  If we carry judgment, envy, hatred, or hurt that’s what we release.  If we carry joy, hope, peace, patience, or love then that’s what we release.

It’s that simple.

The “what” questions always seem to take precedence over our lives (I know they can for me).

What am I doing with my life? 

What’s my purpose? 

What should I do today? 

What should I eat later? 

What movie should I see?

This year I am praying that God will help me ask more frequently the “who” questions.

Who am I becoming? 

Who am I going to be today? 

Who needs extra love and blessing today? 

Who can I be a help to?  

But…Those are My Who Questions.

What “Who” Questions do you want to be asking?


~Mikaela Kate

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