Have You Mastered the Leadership Fundamentals?

In these crazy times the call for high level leadership is a necessity within every team and organization.

I hope as a leader you feel that pull. The pull to take the high road even when no one is watching.  The pull to choose empathy with those who have a different opinion than you.

The pull to be a leader first at home when the demands of life want to tell you otherwise.

The pull to choose faith over fear when the world is screaming be afraid.

Often those are not easy choices and as we move forward together this quote seems to sum up a lot.

“In normal times you can get away with stupid,

but when pressure comes stupid just looks stupid.”

Hopefully this isn’t describing you and your team, but as we know when weight is added we find out what’s beneath the surface.

There’s not a business book out there on, How to Lead Through a Pandemic. Yes, I am kicking myself for not writing that one last year, but if I learned one thing in sports it’s that when the game is on the line the fundamentals matter even more!

I can hear my high school basketball coach now, “Defense, Schaefer, butt down!”

So, in these trying times when it can feel like the game is on the line, here are your butt down leadership fundamentals.  Just some key check points for you and your team to take full ownership in order to control the controllables for the rest of 2020!

7 Leadership “Butt Down” Fundamentals 

  1.  Vision, focus, and top priorities are given and directed by leadership.
  2. Emotional climate and culture is created and sustained by leadership.
  3. Unity and connectedness of the teams are built by leaders.
  4. Mindsets and beliefs are sown and grown by its leaders.
  5. The amount of control that people have are given by its leaders.
  6. The performance of teams and direct reports are stewarded by leaders.
  7. Leadership of oneself lies in the responsibility of the individual first.

We have more control than we realize, especially with our teams.

Never doubt your significance of where you find yourself and the team you’re on.  Stand firm, stand out, and stand up for the best of your team.



 * 7 Key points taken from Dr. Henry Cloud’s book on Boundaries for Leaders

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