Does Stress or Peace Rule You & Your Team?!

These are crazy times, and you might be reading this email from home, or maybe life is a little quieter in the office as you practice social distancing.

As I spoke with a client this morning, they mentioned the worst part is simply the unknown. Most of us when dealt a problem can dive in and begin to find the solution.

Yet, in this current season there seems to be more questions than answers which can trigger all of our “control” buttons!

When pressure and adversity hit a leader, these moments often reveal more about their character and competence than any time before.

Therefore, as we enter into this season, it’s important to do an internal dive and not waste a moment of what this season has to offer.

Take time to ask yourself… 

  * Where do I place my security? 

  * How am I needing to grow in my competency as a leader? 

  * What are my circumstances revealing about my character? 

  * Where does my peace come from and am I tapping into that?

  * Is this uncertainty causing me to draw close to others or isolate? 

One of my favorite verses is Proverbs 4:23 which says…

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

As you and your team walk this out together (and I do pray you are pulling together in this time), fight hard to guard your heart in order to keep the sanity and peace within you.

Be wise in what you listen to and what you watch.  It’s important to stay informed but it’s also crucial that you walk in discernment as you seek to guide your team and even family in this season.

Fear and panic keep you stuck, isolates you without knowing it, and locks up your creativity and productivity.

There’s always a lot more in our control than we realize.

For instance your attitude, how you approach the work you do have in front of you, and how you treat your co-workers and family are just a few areas which can make the sum of your day.

What you focus on grows and eventually manifests in your life. 

Decide how you want to define this season.

Decide how you want this to define your team this season. 

There are lessons to be learned and new strategies to dive discover.

In 1665, when the Great Plague of London was going around, Cambridge University shut down and Issac Newton was forced to stay home.

During this time, he invented calculus, parts of optic theory, and allegedly while sitting in his garden he saw an apple fall from his tree that inspired his understanding of gravity and the laws of motion.

Trust your team as they move forward on a different schedule and possibly from a different desk chair and grab ahold of the mindset which screams of faith, hope, love, creativity, vision, and unity.

Let this be a defining moment in your life and in the life of your team and company in which you look back and see how everything changed for the better.

Remember, fear and hope are both contagious.


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