As Leaders, Do We Tolerate Too Much?

We tolerate so much.  We put up with so much.  We let things go, we let situations slide, and we look the other away.

It’s easier.  It’s comfortable.  It’s convenient…for us.  Or so it seems to be in the moment. 

The reality is it’s the old mechanics saying at play, “You can pay a little now or a lot later.”

Unfortunately, we too often pay a lot later. 

We let a seemingly little action go, we let a word get spoken out of turn, and these little passes eventually become an avalanche of destruction.

So quickly we wonder how we get here and how we tolerated so much.  How the once small, tiny insignificant crack in the windshield is now a spider web in front of us impairing our vision.

With the broken pieces staring us in the face, we wonder, why didn’t we speak up?  Why we didn’t encourage others to speak up?  How could we let this happen?

We tolerate.  We allow.  We endure.  We resist. Because doing something, saying something would mean confronting our fears, our insecurities, and who wants to do that?

It looks like this…

One slip up – an honest mistake, we will let that pass. A second slip up – ok maybe it’s a coincidence.  By the third time – it’s a pattern, but now our fears and the truth that this is reality is too hard to accept and we must decide our role in this situation. 

With every passing moment, it gets easier to avoid and look away.

It takes courage, wisdom, discernment, and a pure heart to say something that in the end may be way off or a result of our own insecurities.

Yet, this is a risk we as leaders must take. 

If done right, it pulls us all together, it draws us closer, and gives us a greater understanding how things and people are being perceived and experienced.

Without these hard conversations we continue to tolerate things we never thought possible and, in the end, we remain internally and externally more disconnected than we even realize.

So, have that hard conversation today.  Do it in love, purity, and with a heart to want to see everyone grow together. It’s worth the awkwardness, it’s worth being uncomfortable, because in the end you’ll learn more about yourself, them and you’ll both be better because of it.

Remember, you can pay a little now or a lot later!

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