Are You Feeling 2020 Burnout? Will You Be Ready for 2021?

We are living in a unique time in history with 2020 being a roller coaster of a year.

It’s the kind of roller coaster where you can’t see the drops below or the turns ahead or even how long this ride will last. And if you don’t like roller coasters you definitely want off!

The good news is we know there’s an end in sight to the year itself, and as I continue to meet with teams and my clients, I sense such a significance in this hour as leaders make a point to stop and pause and truly evaluate what normal should look like moving forward.

This year has been marked as a Year of Reset. Life has slowed down for some, and hopefully caused reflection for many and in turn the pressure has brought to the surface what healthy or unhealthy matter lies beneath both personally and professionally.

Thankfully it’s 100 days until we ring in the New Year. (Please pause for praise heard around the world!)

In one breath this should give us relief but it’s also critical that as leaders we PAUSE,  in order to ask yourself some honest questions.

  1. What were my biggest lessons of 2020?  Personally & Professionally? 
  2. What shifts and/or adjustments do I need to make in order to pivot into 2021? 
  3. How can I come up for air, so I am not hanging onto any unnecessary baggage from 2020? **this is big one**

In just a few weeks you will buy Halloween candy, you will cast your vote, you will eat a bunch of turkey, and then be putting up the Christmas tree.

In a blink of an eye 2021 WILL be here, I promise you 😉 and as leaders it’s crucial to make sure you are Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Financially, and Spiritually moving in the direction you desire. 

Reflect, Stop, and Pay Attention to Yourself and the people around you. Let those answers shape your vision, your direction, and the goals you have in front of you.

If not careful, we can let the media, the news, and the chaos shape and define our year and where we are headed.

YOU decide and YOU define the year and what it will be about. 

Hit Pause so you can Hit Play when the time calls for it, and let me assure you it will be here before you know it.

Make the most of this unique time we are living in today.

Regardless of what life looks like around you, today is still a gift. 

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