Are Stress and Anxiety Pulling You Under?

The summer is in full force. However even hitting the roads can feel stressful and overwhelming as it seems like the whole world is cashing in on their postponed vacations.

These stressful situations can often be the quickest way to discern if you are winning at emotional intelligence as you look at how you are handling constant change and even chaos.

So as these situations arise ask yourself…

How did I handle that stressful situation? 

Did my response help or hinder my relationships? 

Did my stress and anxiety levels increase or decrease? 

What were the biggest takeaways as I seek to move forward?

Another great reflection opportunity comes from a Maya Angelou quote.

I have learned you can tell a lot about a person by

how they handle these 3 things:

   – a rainy day

   – lost luggage

   – tangled Christmas tree lights.

Often times these instances happen so fast that the last thing we want to do is to reflect on them but potentially not dealing with the deeper core of what happened may only hurt yourself in the long run.

The next time you find yourself in a sticky situation try using this Emotional Intelligence Tip in the video below to lessen your stress and anxiety!



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