All Your Team Wants for Christmas is THIS!

Ok, so I am sure there are lots of things your team wants for Christmas, but here’s one thing that I guarantee will help get you the results you want in 2020!

So…what is it?

Feedback!  Yes, go get some real and raw feedback from your team!

Ask them questions like…

  – What was the most productive project we completed this year? 

  – How could we work more effectively and efficiently as a team? 

  – What departments could we work better with? 

  – What was our biggest win of the year? 

  – What will trip us up in 2020 if we don’t fix it?

  – How could we improve team morale & motivation? 

You get the idea.  The key is to keep them short and sweet! 

Next! Be sure you actually do something with that feedback. 

Within the next 3 months your team needs to see you building on it, responding to it and/or implementing it forward.

Otherwise, that great feedback session just went down the tube and in fact did more harm than good!

I believe in you this Christmas to get some quality feedback. 😉

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