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Over the past couple weeks, God has reunited me with an acquaintance from the past who quickly has become my friend. Her journey, story, and career pursuits have encouraged and challenged me to keep running after my dreams!  I resonate with her on so many levels, as seek to keep releasing my own voice and equipping others to do the same.  As I read her post below, I thought, “She’s saying what I want to say, but better!” HA! 🙂  All to say, read on if you want to be inspired to stay the course of pursuing your dreams today! 


[av_dropcap1]I[/av_dropcap1] feel blessed and honored to be telling my story, my journey of the journey God has led me on. It is funny how God works things out. I must say that when I ran across Mikaela Kate I was in awe of what God was using her for. She is such an inspiration and a light and working to help so many lives. The funny story is, I have known Mikaela for many years. We went to the same alma mater and participated in the same college ministry.

I always remember the vibrant energy she portrayed. She was and still is a woman of God and her mission was far beyond the scope of what I could have ever imagined during my college days. Although, looking back you could see that fire inside of her. Similarly I never would have dreamed that God would have placed me here, in the position, the career I am in.

While I am so thankful and blessed that He led me to this point and I know I am only in the beginning stages of what is to come. I cling to the hope and the promise that He can take the least of these and use them for his Glory.

Before I go any further, maybe I should take like ten steps back and introduce myself. My name is Alexa Schirm and I am creator and author of the site Simple Roots Wellness. I have a passion for helping people to overcome their diet fears, fear of food and failure and ultimately leading them to a life of lasting health. An enjoyable life as I like to think of it. Unfortunately our world has become bombarded with images of tiny women, fat-free foods and convenience. We take little time for ourselves and yet we demand so much of our bodies.

It’s a trap, one that sucks so many people in, leaving them feeling defeated and frustrated. I live to help people stand up for their health and take a stance.Alexa Schirm | Simple Roots Wellness

But in all seriousness we’ve made nutrition and health such a complex matter. There are so many diets, tricks and gimmicks on the market we don’t know what to believe so some do all and others do nothing. I’m here to tell you that nutrition is not as complex as we make it. In fact, it is quite simple. Here’s the bottom line, eat real food, mostly plants and treat our meticulously designed bodies the way they were meant to be treated. God made our bodies more complex than our minds can imagine and yet what we are suppose to know is so simple and basic. Feed your body well.

While this is difficult and hard. I know this first hand. It is hard to trust God, the body he has given us, what it is telling us. While I personally listen to my body well, I am still trying to fully grasp and understand the truth our great God is telling me. I believe the voice he has given me is a big one which is so incredibly scary.

My voice is to try to help people to overcome the lies of the world and start listening to what’s inside of them. Fully living in honor and respect of your delicate, amazing body so that you can be your best and give all that God has put within you.

My dream is to reach millions of people and to help them overcome their fears, their cravings and lack of time and make a commitment to their health. To place a value on taking care and respecting their body and to actually put something into action.

While I can’t pinpoint exactly how or what that looks like, I believe deep down in the depths that some how this big voice can and will be heard.

But this journey isn’t easy and I too fall into the lies of the world. The lies that maybe I’m not doing what God has designed. What if I’m on the wrong path? The thoughts of failure and regret creep in, I begin doubting my every move, I lose touch with myself and I am constantly trying to push off who I think I should be and stick to who I know I am. The lies of the world are challenging. To truly believe and trust with every ounce of who I am that God’s purpose is bigger than mine and to live unto that forever.

This is my challenge to this day but as I look back I can see how I have gradually overcome one obstacle after another. The biggest challenge of all was coming out of my shell and speaking. Using my voice instead of keeping it to myself. Gosh I think back to my high school days and dreading, absolutely dreading public speaking class (which was required). I feared every minute of that class, shaky, nervous and embarrassed at every speech I gave. Now I look back and realize that I have come an incredibly long ways. From fearing speaking to 15 classmates to now using my voice in front of thousands of lives, even speaking to hundreds and all I can do is give credit to where credit is due. And that is God’s power and strength spoken through me.

While I don’t take time to realize the work God is doing in me often enough, I have realized, thanks to Mikaela, that it is so empowering and comforting to count the ways in which God has lifted me over the obstacles, where he has brought me and build my full trust for where he is going to use this voice. I challenge you to do the same thing. We all have a voice, the challenge is how are you using that? While I wish I had a simple five step plan like I do many of my nutrition questions I think this boils down to one simple thing, believing in greater things. And I’m not just talking about the “I thinks” but the “I commit to”. Do you commit to using the voice God gave you?

While it may seem better to “wait for the perfect time” I hate to inform you that, that day will never come. That is life, crazy, busy, stressful and rarely ‘perfect.’ Stop waiting for the moment and instead commit to the present. To being your best self, using your God sized voice now, today in this moment.


~ Alexa Schirm

Be sure to check out Alexa’s website at  She has loads of great recipes, and advice to help YOU along your journey! 

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