A Simple Solution to Get the Breakthrough You Need

What do you long to see breakthrough in? We all at some point have an area we would like to improve and/or a habit to kick.  Read on to take tangible steps to finally see the change you desire!


Do you feel stuck in this season?  

Are you questioning why you can’t seem to get to the next level? 

Do you wonder when your breakthrough will come? 


 The solution might be simple.  It’s time to burn the ships.

The picture above is the Sea of Cortez and was also my view for the past week from my 9th floor bedroom window (rough I know).  In 1519, Captain Cortez landed here and commanded his sailors to burn the ships.  Yep, burn the ships!

Why? He didn’t want them thinking there was an option of returning.  Cortez forced his sailors to get established and figure out how to survive and thrive in this new land.

Often as one season ends in our life, we find it hard to move forward and completely let go.  Currently many of us are in a season of transition and if we aren’t careful this season will never end.  We all have meet people, who are still in the same place of frustration they were 5, 10 years ago.  Their “transition” has become a permanent season.

Again, maybe the answer is easy.  We need to burn the ships.  What this looks like is different for everyone, but the principle remains the same.

If you always have one foot in the past, you can never fully run in the future.

Looking over this beautiful view, I am trying to put myself in the shoe of the sailor, as I watched my Captain burn the very vessel that brought me here.   Even if I thought my Captain had seriously lost his marbles, I would still be forced to move on.  My mindset would shift to the new task, opportunity, or challenge at hand, with no option of Plan B (return to the ships).  With only Plan A in front me, I would start to strategize how to take the land and forge ahead.  I would be ALL IN, with two feet running forward, equipped with a new mindset and new perspective all because my Captain burned the ships!

So, where are you today? 

Are you looking back at the ships, wondering if you might hop back on? 

Do you recognize you need to burn the ships? 

Are you forging ahead, taking ground and discovering new land? 

Maybe it’s time to have a BIG ole bon fire!  Smore’s anyone?

~Mikaela Kate

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