7 Signs of a Healthy Leader, Team & Culture


* Do you want to be sure your new hire is going to work out?

* Are you wondering if that leader is ready for a promotion?

* Are you looking to increase team morale & motivation?

* Do you want to better the communication with your team?

I think we would quickly all answer “yes” to those questions, but the real question is how do we get there?

By diving into these7 symptoms of every key leader, team, and culture you’ll be on the right track to making the right decision! 

 1. Ownership: You can’t change what you don’t own. 

Ownership will (potentially) always be one of my favorite topics. Why?  Because in leadership it’s so VERY IMPORTANT.  You can’t grow, change or improve the situations in which you do not take 100% responsibility for. 

Show me a leader who will OWN the good, the bad and the ugly and I’ll show you a leader that many will follow. 

 2. Wisdom = Discernment + Judgement + Experience.

I notice the leaders who walk in wisdom are typically those who listen way more than they speak.  They understand experience has taught them a thing or two, and they now walk with a healthy judgement which gives them discernment towards people and situations. 

Show me a leader who listens more than they speak and I’ll show you leader who walks in wisdom. 

 3. Truth: We all must have a compass which guides us. 

Everyone leader, team, and company must a have due north. It’s your vision and values and those signs which point us forward. Without common collective goals which guide us forward, we will all work aimlessly wondering why we lack morale and motivation to work together. 

Show me a team with clearly defined vision and values and you’ll see a culture who’s achieving more together than they ever could apart. 

 4. Trust: The foundation of all great relationships & teams. 

Trust. It’s everything. Without it you can not have healthy debate and work through conflict. Without it you can’t push each other to your greatest potential.  Without it it’s every man for himself.  It really is the foundation and glue which allows teams to go to the next level. 

Show me a leader who seeks to build trust and you’ll see a team that will always have each other’s backs. 

 5. Humility: Knowing the world doesn’t revolve around you. 

I am not sure there is anything more unattractive than a leader whose arrogant and full of pride.  It’s a turn off and potentially the quickest way to create division among your team. Humility says, “I don’t know”, “I am sorry”, or “I could have done it better” – just to name a few. 😉 

Show me a leader who walks in humility and I’ll show you a team that will go the extra mile without even having to ask. 

 6. Empathy: Seeking to understand makes you better. 

Maybe you’ve heard the saying seek first to understand and then be understood.  It sounds good, but in practice like many things it’s easier said than done.  Before you speak, take a second to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Even then you might not fully understand but at least you’ve taken a second to quit assuming you know all the answers. 

Show me a leader that wants to understand, and you’ll see a team that’s fully “bought-in” to the mission. 


 7.  Courage: Speak up. Speak out. Stand up. Stand out. 

As leader’s courage is essential.  It means you speak up when it would be easier to say nothing.  It means you do the right thing when it’s more comfortable to not do anything.  It means you face your fears, face the fears of others, and you create order out of chaos. 

Show me a culture that operates in courage and you will find these people are changing the world. 

Where do you rank in each of these areas?  Where does your team rank? 

Pick one to focus on for this week! 🙂 


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