3 Easy Steps to Have that Hard Conversation & Healthy Confrontation

One question I get asked most often is how to confront someone and have that hard conversation.

In every situation there are many dynamics that can be involved but in general I find this short video to be a great general rule of thumb.

In short, he states:

  1. Express how you feel beyond happy, sad, and angry. 
  2. State the specific action that was taken. 
  3. Identify the potential impact this action has. 

As we know this makes it sounds easy, but after you throw in emotions, history of the relationship, and all the other elements that can be at play it can feel overwhelming.

Sometimes simply even writing down all your thoughts, emotions and the dynamics at play helps bring clarity to your mind and what exactly needs to be communicated.

So, next time you have to engage in a hard conversation try these 3 steps and see how simplicity can hopefully bring ease to the conversation.  🙂

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