10 Things All Great Leaders Do & Move Towards!

Great leaders take action, don’t complain and pull up their bootstraps when things get hard.  We know this but here’s 10 specific reminders of what great leaders do on an on-going basis to influence their team.  

 10 Things Leaders Continually Do… 

1.  Active in moving towards growth.            

* You know actions always speak louder than words.      

2.  Willing to sacrifice what is necessary to change.                    

 * You understand the cost it will take and know it’s worth it.      

3.  Able to be uncomfortable for an extended period of time.                       

* You are able to endure momentary discomfort because you see the greater reward.    

4.  Don’t give into fear from within or from outside sources.                     

* You are lead from an internal freedom and not the fear of what if.     

5.  Accept the reality you’re in, not the one you hope for.                   

 * You recognize life and people aren’t perfect and at times you let go and accept today.     

6.  Learn from circumstances, rather than deny them.                   

 * You are constantly learning, growing, and living from a place of humility.    

 7.  Focus on using ALL your resources to move towards change.                    

* You look at all your available assets to see how you can get better.     

8.  Seek help – behaviorally.                    

* You know talk is cheap, it’s in BEHAVIOR where life starts to change.     

9.  Resist panic and fear – you move through it.                    

* You don’t stay stuck for too long but instead work towards a solution.     

10.  You have hope outside of yourself.            

* You know the world doesn’t revolve around you and you need others to go farther.   

 Just a few checkpoints to see if you and your team on track in your pursuit towards growth and change! 🙂

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