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Love Calling: Giving you the Clarity, Confidence, and Conviction You Need to Conquer Your Day!

It only takes one encouraging word to change the course of a day. This is the power of words! With so many negative voices flying through the air, it’s time we become intentional in feeding our heart, mind, and soul with words of faith, hope and love. The daily news, social media, demands of your day and the noise of life all scream for your attention. Love Calling is that breath of fresh air in your day, which allows God, Love Himself, to grab your affection and in doing so you’ll receive the clarity, confidence, and conviction you need to conquer your day!

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Waking Up to Your Purpose: Recognizing God’s Presence, Provision & Plan for Your Life.

Love is the greatest change agent this world will ever see, and change doesn’t happen outside of relationship. When we understand this often sugar-coated perception of love, is actually a person – His name being Jesus – everything changes and we realize our greatest change agent is standing right next to us. We then wake up to not only the person in front of us but the story He’s put inside of us and living on purpose becomes our everyday reality. As you dive into my story, I pray you’ll awaken to your own story even more.

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7 Steps to Extraordinary Success: Giving You the Tools to Take You to the Next Level!

In this Ebook you will be able to follow my 7 simple techniques to give you the strategy for success. As you dive into the questions, you’ll walk away with answers that give you results. During these weeks of self training, this guide will begin to bring out the best in who you are.

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An Invitation to You... From Love: A Book of Poetry & Photography

In a technology-crazed society the deeper desire is evident for all to see. We long to connect.  Allow these poetic words and beautiful photos to fill you up with peace, hope, and love as you connect with Love, Himself – then watch as your desires our met. The perfect coffee table book! Email Mikaela to Purchase a Copy at

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